Ronda Rousey-Training Like a Champ!


Let’s face it; there are few athletes quite like Ronda Rousey. Not only does she dominate the MMA arena, but she is physically gorgeous. Training to fight for a living can be tough, but unlike other sports, MMA has a training style all its own. When Ronda was training for judo, she had a set routine and rarely found herself doing anything else. But things changed when she started training for the UFC cage. She’s often quoted as saying she didn’t get her famous abs from judo, they were a result of preparing for the MMA arena.

Now that Ronda trains exclusively for MMA, she has taken a wider approach to her training. She finds that doing a different workout every day means that she’ll be using the smaller muscles that don’t get worked out when you stick to a rigid routine. This is why her body looks so good. On the days she is in the gym and not outside, she’s known to use a Bosu ball and stability ball. She uses the Bosu ball when doing weights as this helps her with balance, something not to is taken lightly when you’re in the cage, and there’s a chance you could get thrown. The stability ball helps her to use core muscles to maintain her stability while doing specific exercises.

Overall, Ronda focuses on doing judo, strength conditioning, Pilates, grappling, and wresting. All of these help her in the cage, but she also puts in an incredible amount of time to make sure she is at her peak condition. Although she focuses on fighting and her famous arm bars, she has been known to talk about how she can go the distance if she needs to, even though she’s proven there’s little likelihood of that happening any time soon.

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