Rory Joseph MacDonald is a Mixed Martial Artist from Canada. He fights in the UFC Welterweight division. He is a former holder of the King of the Cage Lightweight Champion, and is ranked second pound-for-pound in the UFC Welterweight division. Rory started training at the Toshido Fighting Arts Academy when he was fourteen years old. He started his professional career two years later at sixteen years old at an Extreme Fighting Challenge event. Rory “Red King” MacDonald made his UFC debut when we fought against Mike Guymon, which he won by submission. Rory  has eighteen wins, and two loses.

Rory  has attended a few charity events to raise money. One of his favorite charity events is the Grants Brothers Boxing and Mixed Martial Art Gym. The gym holds an annual barbecue to raise money for kids, teens, and men and women wanting to train, but doesn’t have the money. Rory  cohosted the event, which brought in extra money for the gym.

Rory also is very involved in the Fisher House Organization, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, and the Flemington Public School Nutrition Program. All of these programs assist in helping children, which is most important to Rory.

What does Rory  like to do in his leisurely time? He is an avid hunter in Canada. He enjoys hunting and fishing every chance he can get. He also likes to spend time with family and friends. Rory is laid back, and just being a regular guy, and doing regular things with his buddies is what he likes to do most.

What was his job before he started his Mixed Martial Arts career? Rory did construction work. He worked as a laborer. He was known to quit one construction job, and then go to the next one. He actually hated the construction work, and only wanted to fight for a living. Since he was six years old, he dreamed of being a Mixed Martial Art fighter. He saw it on television, and that was his goal. His hero is George St-Pierre. Rory had looked up to George St-Pierre before he started fighting, and now the two men are great friends.

Rory  never attended college. His one and only goal was to become a professional MMA fighter. His favorite striking technique is a punch to the face, which he does amazingly. Rory has been named as the best dressed UFC fighter, because he likes to dress in suits when he attends fancy events.
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