Dan Henderson is currently ranked thirteen in the Middleweight UFC class. He has thirty-one wins, thirteen losses, and zero draws. Dan Henderson’s nickname is “Hendo”. Dan started wrestling as a young child, then started training Mixed Martial Arts. Dan never had an ordinary job in his life. He trained wrestlers, but never punched a time clock.

What does Dan “Hendo” Henderson do in his spare time when he isn’t training or fighting? Dan loves spending time with family and friends, barbecuing, and spending time with his wife. Every year on Labor Day weekend, Dan gets together with all of the Henderson family. The family has a pig roast and party. Labor Day weekend of 2014 Dan was going to the family pig roast and bringing his girlfriend Rachel. Dan was planning on surprising his girlfriend with a surprise wedding. Half way through the party Dan took the microphone to announce to his girlfriend that he wanted to give her a belated birthday present, and he said, “I love you, and we have been together for a long time, so will you marry me?” He held out a beautiful ring, and she started crying and said yes.

he surprise didn’t stop there. Dan told Rachel that it was only half of the present, because since all the family and friends were already together he wanted to get married right then and there. Dan had purchased Rachel a wedding dress, and the couple was married at the annual Labor Day pig roast.

Dan has three children from a previous marriage, which keeps him busy in his spare time. Dan likes to take his kids out for ice cream, swim in their home pool, and play video games. Dan and his wife Rachel like to escape by heading to Cancun, Mexico at least twice a year. Dan said that we have down town there is nothing better than heating up the barbecue grill, inviting friends and family over, and eating and drinking a cold beer.
Dan and Rachel Henderson in Cancun, Mexico: