Frankie Edgar’s Wife – Renee Edgar

Frankie Edgar is rated as the second top fighter for pound for pound rankings. Frankie Edgar has eighteen wins, four losses, and one draw. Frankie’s nickname is “The Answer”. He is from Summit, New Jersey. Frankie started wrestling at Toms River High School East in Toms River, New Jersey. Frankie started working with his father at his plumbing business while he was training to fight.

Frankie and Renee have known each other since they were five years old. Frankie married Renee ten days after he competed in the UFC Fight Night 13. In 2009, their first son Francesco was born, then in 2010 their second son, Santino James was born. In June of 2014, they had their first daughter, Valentina.

Frankie dedicates Sunday’s with his wife and children. They eat breakfast together, then they go to the beach or park. Frankie Edgar has a net worth of over two million dollars. He wants to continue to fight as long as he can, and Renee will be there to support her husband.

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