Rafael Souza dos Anjos is a Brazilian Mixed Martial Artists. Rafael trains at the Evolve MMA in Singapore, where he travels once a year to train. He is a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Black Belt. Rafael dos Anjos is currently ranked number eight pound-for-pound Mixed Martial Artists fighter. He has twenty-four wins, and seven losses.

Rafael is very involved in charity work. His faith keeps him grounded, and always giving back. Here are a few of his charity involvement:

Breast Cancer: “Tee off for Tatas” is an annual charity golf tournament that benefits the American Breast Cancer Foundation. The “Tee off for Tatas” annual charity golf tournament will be held at the Salt Creek Golf Club in Chula Vista, California, and Rafael dos Anjos has volunteered to play in this event for charity.

Shaw Charity Classic” The Shaw Charity Classic in Calgary is hosting their annual golf tournament that will benefit local charity organizations. Rafael  will be joining the Shaw Charity Classic this year. The previous year The Shaw Charity Classic has raised over four million dollars for local charities, and they are hoping for more this year with the lineup of stars and athletes that are participating.

Church: Rafael dos Anjos is a committed Christian. His faith, religion, and church are very important to him. He dedicates his life to Jesus Christ, and he donates his time and money to his church. He is there to help his church in any way that they need.

Any charity organization that needs any assistance can count on Rafael. He said it is very important to help those less fortunate and that needs a helping hand.
Rafael  is married to Cristiane. The couple have two sons, Gustavo and Rafael Filho. The Anjos family resides in Southern California where his home church is. Rafael is very dedicated to his family and his God. Rafael said, “I do my best to follow God in each step I take. I dedicate my life and future to Jesus Christ”.

Rafael trains six days a week. He takes the seventh day to go to church, then spend the rest of the day with his wife and two sons. He does travel to Singapore once a year to train at the Evolve MMA in Singapore, where he trains with some of the best trainers and fighters. Heart, faith, and dedication will prevail in Rafael’s life, and we are sure to see him succeed in his career as a MMA fighter.


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