Magician Dobson: Training is Key

When it comes to fighting in the UFC, John “The Magician” Dodson knows his way around the cage. He grew up in New Mexico and was an athlete from a young age, competing in wresting, track, and football. His wresting career earned him two state champion titles, one state champion runner-up title, and four consecutive district champion titles. All those wrestling practices and matches were the perfect foundation for when Dodson moved into MMA in 2002. However, Dodson wouldn’t compete in the UFC cage until 2011.

Interestingly enough, Dodson’s record is currently 17-6, but he’s never lost by KO/TKO or submission. The six fights he has lost have all been by decision, but more than a few have had some questionable judging in which spectators and coaches have felt the wrong fighter was given the win.

Although Dodson fights in the flyweight category, he has successfully fought in featherweight and bantamweight when there weren’t enough competitors in flyweight. When fighting, Dodson relies heavily on wrestling, boxing, kickboxing, and gaidojutsu, a relatively new martial art in which he holds a black belt.

When it comes to training, Dodson strength trains in the mornings as well as doing cardio. Then comes sparring or training with specific techniques. To round out his workout, he finishes with mitt work and grappling. He also pays strict attention to diet and using supplements to ensure he’s at his peak during training and for fights.

With his incredible training routine and a solid background that is well rounded for MMA, there’s little doubt many competitors will need to do some serious work to avoid this Magician’s “tricks.”