UFC Fighter Rousey-Too Tough for Walmart



Ronda Rousey is the current Women Bantamweight Champion with the UFC with eleven wins, zero losses, and zero draws. Ronda “Rowdy” Rousey had big footsteps to follow in. Her mother was the first American women to win in 1984 at the World Judo Championship Tournament. Ronda nearly died at birth as the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck several times. This led her to not speak understandably as a child until she reached grade school.

Her mother instilled toughness and determination on Ronda at a young age. Ronda started training in judo when she was just eleven years old. She broke her toe when she was training at eleven, and her mother told her to stop crying and fight. She wouldn’t stop crying, so her mother made her run laps around the mat for the entire night. Her mother said, “Sometime you have to fight when you are injured”. Her mother wanted her to know that her mind and body was capable of doing that.

That toughness that was instilled in Ronda at a young age has got her to where she is today. She is the Bantamweight Champion. Ronda has written her memoir called, “My Fight/Your Fight”. The memoir is an inspiring book that she shares on her difficult path to being a champion, but Walmart is refusing to display Ronda Rousey’s book. Why, you may ask?

Walmart has reported that the content in the book is “too violent” for their store. This is an odd statement for Walmart to report when the store displays the “American Sniper”, and other novels with graphic and violence material. The spokesperson for Walmart, Danit Marquadt said, “There is a variety of factors that we look at when we determine what items to offer our customers”.

Many fans are confused on Walmart’s decision not to display the memoir by the champion, because you can walk into any Walmart and purchase guns and ammunitions, but if you just want to purchase a memoir by an undefeated champion and Olympic medalist you are unable to.

What did Ronda “Rowdy” Rousey say in reply to Walmart not displaying her book? She said, “Success is the best revenge and one of my lessons I learned from fighting that helped me fight through life’s battles off the mat and outside the octagon. Walmart is welcome to watch the success of this publication from the sidelines if they choose.”