One of the major problems with mixed martial arts is that it has weak regulations. Since the MMA fights started, there has been numerous life-threatening cases for the fighters that have been occasioned by brain injuries.

The American Journal of Sports Medicine conducted a study that revealed that, among all contact sports, MMA leads with the highest rate of traumatic brain injury (TBI). This issue has been debated over and over with some people recommending that the sport be banned all together. However, MMA fans are of the opinion that the fighters know all the consequences of the sport, and they engage in the fights for the love of the sport.
Although this issue is of high concern and many try to ban MMA fights, many argue that UFC should not be banned. MMA fans say that the fighters know the consequences of TBI, but they still do it because they love the sport.

One of the most recent occurrences was when Leslie Smith’s opponent hit and tore her ear-splattering blood on her face. The damage done to her ear was so severe that the fight was stopped but in the second round.

Back in the day, this would not have been the case, and an end to the game would have happened only after Leslie had surrendered. Although some new regulations have been adopted in the sport, a lot still needs to improve. For example, most MMA fighters have no insurance cover.

Although the advances in technology has played a big part in helping the MMA fighters with head protective gear, a constant increase in brain tumors and TBI within the fighters remains an area of concern. Despite the fact that the protective equipment plays a huge role in absorbing the impact of hits to the fighters, it is extremely important for this industry to take an extra step so as to reduce its health concern among the public and increase the vitality of the fighters.