Cage Fighting is Fastest Growing Sport!

Cage fighting is the world’s fastest growing sports to date. In the United States, the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) is the fastest growing sports league in the country. The NFL, NASCAR, MLB, NBA, and MLS have loss fans from 2007 through 2009, and the UFC has increased up to thirty percent fans during these two years. In the age group of 18-34-year-old fans, the UFC had seen an increase over NASCAR and the NHL. The UFC fan base worldwide is expected to be nearly sixty-five million.

Which is more popular? Boxing or Cage Fighting?
Boxing is an older sport. Your average person has probably grown up watching boxing at one time or more in their lifetime. Cage fighting and the MMA has been around for over twenty years, but it is very popular, and the sport is growing each day. The top heavyweight boxing champions like Evander Holyfield, Sugar Ray Lenard, and Mike Tyson have all retired from boxing, which has left the MMA door open to grab ahold of boxing fans and turn them into MMA fans. Why is cage fighting becoming more popular?

Top 5 Reasons Cage Fighting is better than Boxing
Action and Events: The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is giving their fans more action and events to tune into each week. There are weekly pay-per-view events along with UFC fighting available on the Fox Network.

Elite Athletes: UFC provides elite athletes. Boxing has elite athletes, but many boxers train extremely hard right before their big bout while MMA fighters are constantly training to improve their moves and martial arts. MMA fighters have to be elite athletes and have to be stronger than boxers, because they receive more punishment and hits that are done without boxing gloves.

Less Decisions-More Ways to Win: In boxing, a boxer can win with a knockout or by a decision. Cage fighting can be won in more ways. Usually, in cage fighting you can tell which fighter is winning and the many of the fights are determined in the octagon.
Fighting is Realistic: Cage fighting is more realistic than boxing. Different body positions, holds, and legs can be used in cage fighting, which makes cage fighting more realistic and exciting.

Promotable: The UFC has been able to promote their cage fighters where the boxing profession has lacked this. Cage fighters are from all parts of the world, and each fighter respects the sport. Cage fighters are humble.

Cage fighting is often viewed as a violent, bloody sport, but studies have shown that cage fighting is safer than boxing. The injuries that a cage fighter received is visible injuries that isn’t long term, but in boxing a fighter can receive serious injuries, which include head trauma, concussions, and eye injuries. Cage fighting and the UFC fan base is growing over boxing. The MMA payout estimates that globally the fan base is nearly sixty-five million fans.