UFC Champion Chris Weidman: God and Family Man


UFC Middleweight Champion Chris Weidman is one of the highest rated fighters in the world. As a former wrestler and a natural athlete, not many of his childhood friends were shocked to discover that Chris made the simple transition into the world of mixed martial arts. As the middle child of three children, raised in New York, both he and his brother took to athletics from an early age. These days, however, it is Chris who is the brother who has found the most success in the fighting arena.

Like many fighters, followers of Chris Weidman will be familiar with his religious beliefs. As a practicing Christian, Weidman dedicates a lot of his time to his religion. In his bio on Instagram, he sums himself up with the three defining characteristics, ‘God, Family, UFC Champion.’ Added to this, he has been known to share images of his journey to church with his family and the whole group sharing their religious practices on special occasions.

Mixed martial arts are not the only sport that hold interest for Chris Weidman. As well as the more combative sports, he remains a big baseball fan. As a New Yorker, his baseball team are the Mets, rather than being a Yankees fan. Chris shares many photos of his family as they take day trips to the ball game, with his children wearing matching shirts on the day.
His children are an essential part of his life, and it seems as though his son harbours similar ambitions to his father. Recently, Chris shared a photo of his youngest son kitted out in wrestling gear. With his father training from a very young age and almost becoming an Olympic athlete at one point, an early start for Chris’s son might be enough to begin a combat sports dynasty.

But Chris’s life is not all fun and games. As well as training hard and raising his family, Chris was unfortunate enough to be among the thousands of New York residents affected by Hurricane Sandy. Not only was his own home considerably damaged during the severe storm in 2012, but the homes of his neighbours were also affected. Determined to do something about the situation, Chris volunteered with a local charity named Staten Strong. Along with the charity, he helped to rebuild the homes of those who had been affected by the storm and tried to get the neighbourhood back to a state of normality.

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