Destiny Johnson-Wife of Demetrious Johnson



Demetrious Johnson is rated as the third top fighter for pound for pound rakings. He has twenty-two wins, two losses, and one draw. His nickname is “Mighty Mouse”. Demetrious Johnson hasn’t always had fame and fortune. Demetrious had to work hard to get where he is today. He started working at the age of fifteen in fast food restaurants.

While in high school, Demetrious started working at Red Lobster, and this is where he met his wife, Destiny Bartels. She was a server, and he worked in the kitchen. The two became friends instantly. The two would sing silly songs to one another. Demetrious was about to fight his second amateur fight, and from that day the two were officially a couple.

Demetrious and Destiny married on May 11, 2012 in Hawaii. Their honeymoon was also training for Demetrious as he was training for his rematch with Ian McCall. Demetrious had a hard life growing up, and he said this about his wife Destiny, “The main thing that has helped me move away from my past is my wife. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and without her, life would be incomplete.”

Destiny is very protective of her husband. At the UFC 152 fight, an aggressive fan took ahold of Demetrious, and Destiny got the fan off of her husband. Every morning Destiny asks her husband the same question, which is, “Do you feel like a champ?” The couple had their first child on July 19th, 2013, which was a son. Demetrious’s family is his one priority. He said he would never put his family on hold for any fight.

What does the couple like to do in their spare time? Demetrious and Destiny like to visit the Ram Brewery and Restaurant near their home. They enjoy sitting outside on the patio and enjoy a nice, cold drink. Demetrious loves playing video games, and spending time with his son and wife. Destiny is a stay at home mom, and does a wonderful job doing that.

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