Lifestyle of MMA Champions



What kind of lifestyle do the current champions of cage fighting possess? The current flyweight UFC champion is Demetrious Johnson. Demetrious Johnson has twenty-one wins, two losses, and one draw. His nickname is “Mickey Mouse”. Demetrious Johnson is from Madisonville, Kentucky, and is twenty-eight. He is known for his amazing speed and technique. Demetrious Johnson had worked in a recycling tube plant warehouse before he started fighting. He started training to fight in late 2005. His favorite technique is his footwork. Demetrious Johnson trains daily, and when he is training for a fight he treats every fighter as if they are the best fighter in the world. His goal is to be the perfect mixed martial artist and fighter in the world.

The current UFC Heavyweight Champion is Cain Velasques. Cain Velasques has thirteen wins and one loss. He is known for his power, strength, and takedowns. Cain is a two-time UFC Heavyweight Champion. Cain trains at the American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose, California. He holds a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and is trained by Dave Camarillo. Cain Velasquez made his Mixed Martial Arts debut on October 7, 2006 where he fought against Jesse Fujarcyk. He won the fight in the first round with a TKO. Cain made his UFC debut where he fought against Brad Morris where he won the fight by a TKO in the first round.

Cain Velasques earned the honors of the Knockout of the Night when he defeated Brock Lesnar in the first round with a TKO. Cain Velasques received the MMA Fighter of the Year Bazzie Award in 2010. Cain was married to Michelle on May 28, 2011. They had a daughter on May 6, 2009. Cain Velasques trains daily. His training schedule is intensive and grueling. He is known for having a strict, healthy diet, and intense workout.

The lifestyles of champion cage fighters are far from normal. Their lifestyles consist of training and working out consistently. All of the cage fighter champions can work out as much as forty hours a week or more. This is their full-time job. If the cage fighter champion is married, then their spouse must adjust to the strenuous workout that these fighters endure. Training is essential to prevent injuries while fighting. Mixed Martial Arts plays a big role in cage fighting, and cage fighters have to train in this area as well.

The lifestyle pace is steady and long for anyone wanting to become a cage fighter. You have to be dedicated to living a strict and dedicated lifestyle. The diet is not for enjoyment, but for fuel and energy for the body. There is very little leisurely time for a cage fighter, because of the strict training and workout that comes with this profession.