How MMA Fighters Train

Mixed martial arts have become quite popular in the fitness industry. Fighters like Rhonda Rousey have athletic, lean bodies that function extremely well at high levels; they are also sought after by elite magazines to appear on their covers.

Anyone who is willing to commit to a strict diet and training program can look like that too!  You might not achieve such a body in a day and you will need to be a master of technique, while still having the agility and endurance to survive 5-minute rounds while someone is actually trying to kill them.

Below are some tips that will help you train like MMA champions.

Train in Intervals
The steady-state aerobic training is widely used in the non-fighting world, but it’s not a very applicable method to get shredded, strong, and improve endurance. If you want to train like an MMA fighter you will need to do high-intensity interval training (HIIT), that are meant to increase speed, endurance, and power. These types of training have been proved to increase the amount and duration of excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). By doing HIIT, a trainer can increase the metabolism and stay boosted for longer. This translates to more fat-burning.

To train in intervals, start with brief bouts of high-intensity anaerobic exercise and gradually move to longer aerobic rest periods. HIIT can be done using sprints, weightlifting, and fighting rounds. This way you’ll be at a position to load on some lean muscle as you watch body fat melt away.

You must be prepared to become an All-Around Athlete
Strength, speed, and flexibility are all paramount if you are to be successful. They’re also mandatory components to developing a better physique. By blending in exercises that need a lot of movement on several planes (these include mimic striking, kicking, and grappling) you’ll have the ability and necessary speed to play pick-up games in addition to rocking a bod that faces straight from the octagon.

Stretch Yourself
The high kicks done by MMA fighters require pliable hamstrings. An excellent grappler must have mobile hips for holds and escapes. Flexibility must be one of the components you need. Stretching gives the muscle tissue length while increasing mobility, power output, and recovery. It does not really matter what your fitness goals are, and it is imperative you stretch to achieve them.

Eat smart to Fuel Smart
Fighters have to perform at a high level to make it through a single round, let alone an entire bout. Tough workouts do not require you to eat huge hamburgers and many other unhealthy foods. Eat clean, wholesome foods, and do not touch the processed cravings. To curb the thirst, keep yourself hydrated with water and not the soda. Water speeds up metabolism not to mention the many health benefits it has. This will definitely take you closer to achieving Rhonda Rousey’s body.

Carry out as many reps as possible giving each exercise up to 30 seconds. In -between exercises, take only 10 seconds to transition. Ensure you perform the whole circuit prior to resting. Your goal is to achieve up to three rounds.