MMA-Too Dangerous or Well Regulated?

MMA – Too Dangerous or Well Regulated?


Anyone new to watching MMA fighting may initially think it’s very dangerous, but are the right? There are many sports out there which are detrimental to the physical well being of the player or fighter. Take for example football; there is a high rate of recurrent concussions which can leave the players with brain damage in the long run. Boxing is no different. Repeated blows to the head can seriously damage the brain over time. Just look at Mohammad Ali. Although he has Parkinson’s disease, doctors have said it stemmed from getting repeated blows to the head.


The difference between MMA and sports like football or boxing is that there are numerous moves or strikes a fighter can give and take. It isn’t one repeated blow time after time. Yes, fighters can wind up with dislocations and broken bones, and even serious bruising. But overall, these wounds all heal with no long term damage.


The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) also does its part to make sure athletes are as safe as possible. The fights are all overseen by referees who are trained to stop the fights if necessary. There are also state commission regulatory agencies that regulate the health of the athletes. They ensure all participants in the sport have physicals before fighting, that there are medical staff on site during fights, and if someone is knocked out, there is a waiting period until they can fight again, unless cleared by a doctor.


So when you look at how MMA is regulated, it is much safer than many other sports out there. As the popularity of the sport continues to grow, chances are the regulations will continue to evolve to further protect all athletes.