UFC Great Jose Aldo-Soccer Fan!

As a Brazilian mixed martial artist, Jose Aldo both meets and defies expectations. As one of the highest rated fighters in the sport right now, he makes use of one of the most celebrated techniques – Brazilian jiu-jitsu – to devastating effect. But while he may be feared in the ring, his friendly persona and dedication to passions away from fighting have made him an engaging an interesting character for many people.

It should come as no surprise to see that Aldo is a big soccer fan. As Brazil’s national sport, the country has a long-standing passion for the game that has long been associated with them. But more specifically, Jose Aldo has made numerous comments about his love for one particular club. As a Flamengo fan, he makes the trip to their stadium on a regular basis and recently used Instagram to describe it as his second home. While the team might not have been performing to their best in recent years, Aldo’s love for the club has not diminished. He was even recently showing off his brand new shirt for the season and reiterating how much he loved the club.

This love for soccer was originally something that Jose thought he might transform into a professional career. However, while his father was supportive of his footballing abilities, his proclivity to get into fights furnished him with a desire to be able to defend himself. Turning to the Brazilian art of capoeira, he soon learned more about fighting and refocused his aims to become a champion, martial artist. Turning eventually to jiu-jitsu, he did not let a poor upbringing prevent him from training and turned up in Rio de Janeiro with only the clothes on his back and a desire to become the best fighter possible.

A love of mixed martial arts is something that Jose Aldo can share with his significant other. His wife, Vivianne Perreira, is an accomplished fighter in her own right and has worked hard to earn her purple belt in jiu-jitsu. As well as this, she has competed at a professional level in the discipline of muay-Thai. A quick look over Jose’s social media accounts shows him and his wife often out on dates, including trips to the cinema in his native Brazil.

As well as going out with his wife, Aldo has many friends within the sport. Recently, he invited fellow fighter Ronda Rousey to come to Brazil and watch a Flamengo game. He posted a picture welcoming her to the Maracana (the team’s stadium) and even got her a shirt.

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