Donald Anthony Cerrone is a Mixed Martial Artists, who fights in the UFC lightweight division. Donald Cerrone is also a kickboxer. Growing up in Denver, Colorado, Donald would often be in trouble. He was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder. He started attending the Air Academy High School, and this is when he started bull riding professionally. A friend introduced Donald to kickboxing in high school, which started his Mixed Martial Arts career. He started fighting for World Extreme Cage fighting, and then they merged with UFC where his first UFC fight was against Paul Kelly in 2011 where he defeated him. Donald  has twenty-seven wins, and six loses so far with his UFC career.

Donald  has a few favorite charities that he is involved in. These charities include:
The Kevin Harvick Foundation: The Kevin Harvick Foundation is Cerrone’s favorite charity. The Kevin Harvick Foundation supports programs across the United States that will positively enrich and assist children. The foundation was established by NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick, and Cerrone has made this his favorite charity.

Back Street Buckers: The Back Street Buckers is an event that allows all money that Cerrone’s bull makes goes directly to the charity, which is right up his alley, because of his past of riding bulls.

Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone isn’t married, but his girlfriend is Lindsay Sheffield. The two have been dating for five years, and she lives in Amarillo, Texas. Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone has no children. Cerrone is very close to his grandparents. His grandparents started raising him when he was a teenager, because his parents divorced.

Where did Donald get the nickname ‘Cowboy’? He got the nickname cowboy, because he always wears boots and a hat. He was also a professional bull rider, which contributes to the nickname. Donald loves to drink beer. Drinking beer is just who he is, and he drinks beer up until the time he is about to fight. Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone said, “If I had to give up beer, because I couldn’t fight anymore, all I could say is it would never happen”. He likes to do crazy things and just have fun.

What is in Donald  Cerrone’s future? His goal is to be a World Champion. His dreams won’t be complete until this happens. He is training up to three times a day to prepare for his next fight, and he plans on being a winner. Donald  is a true cowboy. He loves drinking his beer, wearing his boots and hat, and loves a good brawl in the octagon.

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