Chad Mendes is a Mixed Martial Artist fighter who is ranked numbers seven as the top pound-for-pound UFC fighter. Chad “Money” Mendes has an impressive record of sixteen wins and two loses. Chad started wrestling at the age of five, and continued that throughout high school. Chad grew up in Hanford, California. What does Chad “Money” Mendes do in his spare time?

Chad  likes to spend his free time hunting and fishing. When Chad isn’t training, you can find him fishing or hunting with his family and friends. He loves to bow hunt. Most of his life, he was fishing and hunting. He had to practice to be an avid and experienced rifleman and bow hunter. Chad likes to do any kind of sport that involves being outdoors. He loves to hang out with his family and friends when he isn’t training, fishing, or hunting. Chad said he was living the dream, because he is fighting, and when he isn’t fighting, then you can catch him hunting or fishing. Chad said, “I’m the people’s champ right out of the deer camp.”

Chad  likes to give back by being involved in several charity organizations. He is scheduled to participate in the Fight for the Kids Golf Tournament, which is an annual golf tournament that raises money to raise awareness and funds for at-risk youths. Chad will be participating in this charity event along with Chris Holdsworth, Joseph Benavidez, and T.J. Dillashaw, all MMA fighters.

Chad “Money” Mendes is also involved in the Cal Poly Wrestling program by raising money for the program. Chad understands the importance of this program, because he was a member of Cal Poly Wrestling where he had a 30-1 record. He was ranked number one in the nation for his weight class while he was at Cal Poly Wrestling.

Chad enjoys giving back and helping any organization that needs him. He wants to be that fighter that can juggle his tight training schedule, charity contributions, and his love for fishing and hunting.

While most MMA fighters like to relax playing Xbox or PlayStation, Chad doesn’t prefer any couch time. The day after his UFC fight with Joe Silva, he headed to Utah to do mule deer hunting with his father, and his buddies.

Chad said he would keep on hunting until he gets his prize. What prize is he talking about? His mule deer, that big fish, or his first UFC championship title? We are sure Chad “Money” Mendes means all three when he said that. He is an all-around guy that likes to aim to the top in every sport he is competing in.

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