UFC TJ Dillashaw: Outdoors Guy

Aside from being one of the highest rated fighters in the current roster of the UFC, TJ Dillashaw has many other extracurricular activities. As anyone who follows him on either Instagram or Twitter will know, TJ’s numerous hobbies, interests, and travels make him one of the most active and fascinating characters in all of mixed martial arts.

Primarily, TJ uses his numerous social media accounts to share the things he loves in the world. Whether this is his car or his loved ones, it does not matter. One of the more recent posts was an update thanking a local auto shop for the work they had put into fixing up his truck while he was away training. He commented that he could not wait to take it out into the countryside as the hunting season rolled around. TJ’s love of hunting has shown up elsewhere. Growing up in Angels Camp, California, he now takes regular trips out into rural areas. Sharing a photo of the restroom facilities at one recent hunting destination, the view of the rolling hillsides prompted TJ to comment that he could still search for dear while going about his ‘morning rituals.’

But there is also a huge amount of commitment to the fighting world. As well as the constant training updates from different gyms around the world, Dillashaw was recently able to take part in the television series ‘The Ultimate Fighter.’ As part of the team representing the United States, he was helping out fellow fighter Urijah Faber as he took on the Europeans trained by Conor McGregor. Because the show was being filmed in Vegas, TJ took some extra time for himself and hit the games. At one point, he retweeted an image of him taking his seat at the table and – after having played for six hours – had been able to take almost double the average amount of money from the casino.

As someone who travels around the world for a living, TJ Dillashaw is a person who knows what makes for a good trip. As one recent update indicated, he was more than impressed with the service and facilities he found on one airline, sending out a picture of the first class cabin and commenting that it was so nice that it was almost like a night club inside. Of course, despite traveling around the world, he made sure to be home in time for the 4th of July. Taking part in what he described as the ‘most American day ever,’ TJ filled his day with fireworks, fishing, country music, and a barbecue.