A Salesman Too-Robbie Lawer

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As a San Diego native, Robbie Lawler grew up in California and was a fierce fighter from a young age. Though he’s now one of the best welterweight fighters around, he was once a dedicated karate specialist, before turning his attentions to football and wrestling. He stood out enough that he was taken under the wing of Pat Miletich, the head of Miletich Fighting Systems, a dedicated training school for MMA fighters. Aged just 16 years old when he started training for his future fights, he has now been fighting for over half his life.

Part of being a fighter for so long is learning to take care of yourself. As followers of Robbie Lawler on Instagram will know, Lawler has been committed to staying healthy and preparing for his upcoming fights. One such post showed a typical lunch for the welterweight. He was eating a Mexican chicken lasagne built especially for athletes who were facing the need to control calories while still keeping the food delicious and interesting. To accompany his meal, Lawler was drinking a small bottle of organic cold pressed juice, which came in a dark, murky green flavour. While it may not have looked the most appealing drink, it certainly looked healthy.

But the life of a UFC fighter is not all healthy snacks and rigorous training. A recent trip to the home of his sponsors allowed Robbie to stock up on merchandise of all sorts. Lawler shared an image of his visit to the Adidas store in Las Vegas, and wherein he walked out with at least four bags of clothing. As proof of purchase and to let his followers know about the fun he’s had, Lawler stood at the counter and held up the bags as someone took a photo. Anyone who has followed the Instagram account for a long time will know that it’s by no means the first visit, and Robbie had been to some different stores in many different cities. Just one of the privileges of being a sponsored athlete.

But sometimes, the sponsors are more appropriate to Lawler’s trade. While the majority of people might be tempted to pop into a sports clothing store, Robbie has made it known that some of his favourite brands are a little bit more specialist. Any fighter worth their salt will know that training is just one part of preparing for a fight. The right regime will also include a range of supplements designed to eek the maximum from the athlete’s muscle mass. Robbie shared an image of his chosen brand and let followers know what exactly they needed to opt for to be just like him. Similarly, he shared his choice of gum shield brand, just letting anyone know how best to protect their teeth should they wish to step into the fighting arena.