Dana White is the President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) organization. Dana White was raised in Maine. Dana was an amateur boxer and a boxing trainer. There are no records of his boxing fights. Dana White was a boxing trainer in Southie, South Boston. He owed the Irish mob several thousand dollars, and was bullied by them. He decided he wouldn’t pay them, so he packed up and headed to Las Vegas, Nevada where his life was turned around.

Dana White graduated from Hermon High School in 1987. Dana met Anne, his wife while attending the eighth grade. The couple were high school sweethearts, then married in 1996. The couple has two sons Dana and Aidan, and a daughter Savannah. Anne White is a stay at home mom. She doesn’t like to be seen in the spotlight. She likes to spend time with her friends shopping or dining out, and tending to her children. With the multi-million dollar empire that Dana White has created for his wife, and family one cannot expect her to have an outside job.

In 2012, Dana White was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease. Dana has been undergoing Orthokine treatment for the disease, and many of the symptoms of the disease has greatly been reduced. Dana White was named the Nevada Sportsman of the Year in 2009. Dana and Anne White are very giving. In 2010, the couple donated $50,000 to the Francisco Espinoza Foundation. A man named Ruby Owen emailed Dana to ask him if he could help pay for his nieces brain tumor treatment, and the Whites donated $8,000 for the treatment.

Dana and Anne White are living the dream in Las Vegas. The couple has a multi-million dollar mansion outside of Las Vegas. Dana is proud of his two Ferraris and Range Rovers along with other fancy vehicles. From a man who owed the mob in Boston to the founder of the UFC, Dana White shows everyone that dreams can come true.